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Bringing The Light

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Bringing The Light

Bringing The Light was founded by Michelle Riesser-Keenan who holds her Masters in Mental Health Nursing RN.

Bring The Light to help emotionally support your healing process through brief intervention, emotional support and treating all with empathy and respect by helping you develop your unique gifts and characteristics by offering trauma informed care.

When faced with anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions, it can be hard to enjoy a “normal”, fulfilling life. It can even be a struggle to do everyday things that most people seem to handle with ease.

There’s nothing wrong with you, you simply need a way to get back to basics. Through extensive training and years of experience the team at Bringing The Light can work with you to rebuild healthy foundations of confidence and fulfilment. As well as learning how to develop a range of beneficial observational tools and coping mechanisms.


Certificates & Clinical Skills

Michelle has completed extensive education over the years and continues to complete clinical training to up-skill on relevant education to ensure she is delivering the highest quality of service to her clients.  

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